Thank you so much Chef Jon for an impeccable delicious delightful evening it was just fantastic. I want to do it again.    -Jo Ann 6/10/13


Hi Jon! Thank you so much for dinner last night. We really enjoyed it and everyone told us they loved dinner and it was delicious! Thanks again for your talents last night!     -Jill 5/3/13 (the dinner w/ Herbert Walker and the Dir of the STL Fed Reserve!)

  • FAB

Thanks again Jon, dinner last night was fab! That's the way to entertain!   -Marjie McCann STL 2013


Just wanted to thank you again. Dinner was wonderful.    -Michelle Kelk STL 2013


Thanks again for a superb dinner!     -Gary/Rita STL 2013

  • BRAVO!

BRAVO, BRAVO and BRAVO some more!!!  LOVED our meal and very much looking forward to the next THREE!!! THANKS AGAIN SO MUCH!!!      
-EVE and Mick Hoover 3/14/13



Thanks for a wonderful dinner last night! We really enjoyed it. You are a great chef and the food was delicious!!   -Jacqui-St. Louis Oct 24, 2013



Taking the time to tell you how very very much my guests and I enjoy our in-home dining experience with you on Tuesday.  So much so that I did find your current offering with Living Social and bought two, and send it to the ladies who attended my dinner.  I'm so looking forward to another enjoyable dining experience with you soon. 
-Brenda -St. Louis May 2012



Thanks for the amazing dining experience.  You dazzled us with those tasty dishes.  We all loved it and were very impressed.  Thank you for giving us an evening we will always remember!  -Martha, 2012



"Fantastic dinner and impeccable service. Thanks." -Mike, Mar 2012


"Thank you again for a fantastic dinner!!!"  -Nicole, Mar 2012


"We just wanted to thank you for the excellent evening.  The service and food were incredible!" -John and Allison, Mar 2012


"VERY PROFESSIONAL The service was wonderful and the food was just a good and cooked to perfection. Presentation was mouthwatering. Thank you so much Chef Jon!!!"
-Barbara, Fred & Mark, Mar 2012


"Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for a great evening!  The dinner was delicious and our friends loved having a professional meal cooked for them in their new home!" -Amy, Feb 2012


"My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed an excellent meal. Our chef (Jon) was so courteous and quiet we enjoyed a quiet meal for 2 in the comfort of our home. What a special night, the food was unbelievably good." -Bob and Bev, Feb 2012


"Thanks so very much for the delicious dinner.  My husband and I really liked everything.  The fish was delicious we loved the sweet potatoes and vegetables but thought they both were a little skimpy and not real hot.  We look forward to using you again. Thanks for everything." -Dorette, Jan 2012



"Just a note to thank you again for a wonderful evening! My husband's surprise Birthday Dinner was such a success thanks to you!  Everyone who came loved it and had so much fun. Each tapas was unique and delicious! We all appreciated your hard work and attention to detail.  And I loved how clean you left my kitchen when you were finished. All in all - a Big Success! We will gladly recommend your services to our friends! Thanks again." - Myra, Jan 2012


"Thanks so much!!!  The meal was wonderful!!!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!" -Pam, Dec 2011


"We had a great time. Sherry was amazing and the food was spectacular!"  -Cassandra, Oct 2011



"I want to thank you for an awesome dinner for my husband's birthday on Saturday nite.  Chef Sherry did a superb job - I loved all her recipes and the dishes were excellent.  She left our place very neat and organized, and even took out the left-overs for me which we enjoyed the next day.  We had a wonderful experience and even our friends felt special and royal :)  Thanks for making this event so special and memorable for us." -Komal, Oct 2011


Just want to again thank you for a wonderful evening.  The food was excellent and you did  a great job of preparing, serving and even cleaning up.  You are a true professional and your business should prosper with your skills and personality (not to mention that you are so cute :)  It was a great experience.....bravo." -Roger & Dot, Oct 2011 


Thanks so much for a wonderful evening and delicious meal!  We will definitely spread the word.  My sister said there was nothing else that could top the event!
-LuAnn, Oct 2011



"Thank you for a wonderful evening Friday night... it was perfect!!!!Would it be possible to book you for either Oct 7 or 8th for the same deal???  I really want to invite another couple and have that magic moment with them."
Gina, Sept 2011


"Thank you for that fabulous 4 course dinner you've prepared for my wife and I in our home!  Everything started out perfect from the aroma of the food being cooked to indulging in them. I must say...hands down on your Bruschetta's, they are by far the best I've ever had!! I had  Sirloin Steak and my wife had the Salmon and we both agree that the food was fabulous! On top of the great meal cooked in our home, you guys cleaned the Kitchen so spotless it looked like it hasn't been used at all! Thank you!" 
Jude & Jessica, Sept 2011 


"Last night was great. Food was spectacular. Sorry we couldn't stay, just got sprung from the hospital and came home and saw how clean the kitchen was and your placemats here. How can I return your place mats?  Love to have you cook again and I will spread the word!"  -Tracy L, Sept 2011



"Dinner was incredible last night! Thank you for a delectable experience--we will definitely look into your great service again. Thanks again." -Gina F, Aug 2011



"We really enjoyed our Romantic dinner for 2. It was a gift from our daughter, for our birthday. And the timing was perfect, as I am currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments and even going out for dinner is a major undertaking. We enjoyed a wonderful meal in our own home. The service was very professional and our kitchen was left spotless. I would recommend this to all my friends undergoing chemotherapy or other treatment, to treat yourself and your spouse to a great night in. THANK YOU!!"
-Theresa M, July 2011



"I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you, for our AMAZING meal last night. I just ate my leftovers for lunch and it was STILL amazing! I had to put my daughter to bed while our food was being prepared and I could hardly stand to not throw her into her crib and run with the amazing smells that were coming from downstairs. The food and service were unbeatable! The staff was friendly and completely comfortable to have in our home. They even washed a baby bottle so they could leave our kitchen spotless. To have such a spectacular dinner in the comfort of our own home was a true treat. It was my husband's birthday and this meal made it a truly special event. Thank you so much for everything!"  -Megan, Tacoma, April 2011 


  • WOW

"WOW, did we have a great time last night for Monty's birthday!! You have a couple of real gems! There just aren't words to say how fabbulous it was to see that light in my husband's eyes.  He was totally blown away and that is what I was hoping for. Kudos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will be bragging about your service to all of our friends, be sure of that!  Mine and Mont's idea of a romantic evening are our sweets, a bottle of wine, some really good food, and a lot of laughs. That is PRECISELY what we got from your staff. Please do thank them again for us, and tell Delmas next time we won't make him kill the steaks on the grill, he can have the stove :). Can't say it enough, amazing experience, we will do it again! -Michelle, Tacoma, Apr 2011


"It was just wonderful, Chef Jon and his staff were so personable and what a wonderful tasting meal." -Vicki, St. Peters, Apr 2011 



"We had a great dinner, thank you, both chef and assistant we so professional and made us feel so comfortable, they would not let us get up or get anything, they accommodated my low fat request, I did splurge on the brownie that was divine!!! I have recommended it to my friends and look forward to doing it again, and they left my kitchen cleaner than it was!!! It was awesome!!!"  -Kelli, Lake Tapps, Mar 2011


  • YUM!

"We really enjoyed our romantic dinner for two. All four courses were very tasty. Loved the mashed sweet potato with little bits of ginger. Yum! It was so nice having everything done right at home." -Laurie, Lakewood, Feb 2011



"Last night my husband decided to surprise me with a belated Valentine's Day gift of having a five star meal prepared for us right in the privacy of our own home. Exec. Chef Jon arrived at our door and immediately began creating a unique and memorable dining experience for us. But it wasn't just the expertly prepared food that made the meal special, but also the warm and inviting personality the Chef Jon brought into our home. Though the package my husband had chosen included wine/champagne, he was later advised that though listed, neither was included as part of the package provided. However, supplying our own wine was not a problem for us at all because we ended up enjoying our own bottle of champagne. The food was delicious, the side dish of potatoes were out of this world, and though I tried my best to get a recipe or two (the salad dressing, the potatoes) out of Chef Jon, he kindly and extremely respectfully refused to share his secrets with me, which I completely understand. All in all, this was a Valentine's Day we will remember. Thank you."
-Nancy & Prash, Puyallup, Feb 2011


"There were five of us for a small family gathering.   I'm a pretty reasonable and fearless cook, and when I told my mother I was having a chef come in to cook for us she was disappointed.  Delmas and Jalisa won her over to being pleased with the decision.  They quickly set up in my small (crowded) kitchen, working efficiently and quietly so that we were able to continue visiting without feeling like we were talking over a commercial kitchen.  I was impressed that they brought their own tableware, and in no time at all they were serving the tomato/basil tartlet - which was wonderful.   Soon after came a huge salad with a nice assortment of greens served with a perfect vinaigrette.   The entree was pork loin topped with a tangy lemony 'greek' style sauce that impressed all of us (even my relatives who tend toward liking 'plain' food).  The starch was mashed sweet potatoes and they were still a topic of discussion even the next day.   The veggies were cooked perfectly.  We had a special desert that I had prepared and they brought along an angel food cake to accompany it.  The timing was great.  One course was cleared and the next was ready to be presented.   I was thrilled to walk in to the kitchen at the end of the evening and not have to start the cleanup phase.  One of my family members has spent many years in the food industry - serving at the Space Needle and then providing service personnel for catering companies.  She was very impressed with their professionalism.  Delmas and Jalisa were friendly and interesting to chat with. I would be happy to have them come again."
-Kam, Des Moines, Feb2011


"Our romantic dinner for 2 had our requested entree of halibut with a lovely sauce and the most glorious mashed potatoes we have ever tasted.  All the food was prepared in our kitchen so it was fresh and warm.  Our dinner began with bruschetta but this is like none other.  Tasty soft biscuits spread with cream cheese and then a fresh tomato herb topping.  It was delicious!  Our salad with fresh greens including some spinach and grated parmesan was accompanied by a soft and very tasty breadstick.  Next came the halibut and throughout the dinner, the chef's assistant, Jalisa, was keeping the wine we supplied freshly poured in our glasses along with our water glasses.  Dining Delicacies brought the tableware and dishes, only using our glassware, and cleaned up as they went.  Dessert was a warmed brownie with vanilla ice cream and a drizzled caramel sauce.  We were full, satisfied and very pleased with this experience.  Delmas is a superb chef!  This was a wonderful experience."
Andrea & Ralph, Lakewood, Feb 2011  



"Dinner was perfect! It was great to be comfortable at home with amazing food.  
Thank you!"
Diane N, Bellevue, Feb 2011



 "Thanks, it was delicious!" - Kelly G, Tacoma, Jan 2011



"It all started when my wife had a huge smile on her face when I told her that we would be having a romantic dinner for two on our deck - not a typical occurrence. Our chef, John, brought flowers for my wife then prepared a fantastic 4-course meal of appetizers; salad; sorbet to cleanse our palates; a main course of filet mignon, broccolini, and 3-cheese & bacon mashed potatoes; and bananas foster for dessert. The meal was truly amazing, the service was great, and the cleanup [not performed by my wife & I] was a breeze."     -Kevin R, Tacoma, Aug 2010


"We are so thankful for your support of Bazi Reigns.  The fact that you guys would be willing to provide all of the food for the volunteers the day of the event is going way above and beyond!  We are grateful for you!  Anyone who hasn't tasted the gourmet array of flavors from Dining Delicacies is in for a treat!!  Check out Dining Delicacies in the "Our Awesome Supporters" album."    -Chris C, Tacoma, Jan 2010


"Jon your tartlets are awesome! The SAVI Happy Hour guests loved having you and your tartlets at the spa a couple of weeks ago. And I agree...the Roma Tomato and Fresh Basil are addicting!"     -Kelly W, Savi Day Spa, Dec 2009 


"I give Dining Delicacies 5 stars for their food and service.  I hired them for a gathering at my home, which was attended by about 60 people.  The food was fresh, prepared right in my kitchen (which was left spotless after the event was over) and served warm and with attention to detail.  An array of appetizers, all very tasty and consumed in no time at all.  My guests were staying at the food table more than at the beverage table!  John helped served and his friendly attitude was a joy to have with my guests." 
-Ronnie B, Tacoma, Nov 2009



"I hired Dining Delicacies for my husband's surprise birthday party.  It was such a wonderful experience!  Jon and his crew were so nice and professional.  Jon and I decided on a menu, and man did he deliver!  We decided on a burger theme.  It may sound simple, but Jon and his crew turned it into a masterpiece.  The Bacon-Egg-Burger was a hit and my favorite was the A-1 Gorgonzola Burger.  The food was fresh and full of flavor.  I also loved the fact that I could host a party and not have to worry about what was going on in the kitchen.  This was a great way to have a delicious dinner for my guests without me having to prepare it!  Dining Delicacies was my perfect solution!!!"     -Julia H, Kent, Oct 2009